Braida - Locatelli
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Bestell-Nr. / Purchase Order No. : TAKLA Rec. No.2
Alberto Braida piano
Giancarlo Locatelli Bb clarinet, alto
Calefazione prima 04:23
Calefazione seconda 03:02
Calefazione terza 03:17
Calefazione quarta 02:33
Calefazione quinta 03:23
Calefazione sesta 03:48
Caleidoscopio # 1 02:43
Calefazione settima 01:56
Calefazione ottava 05:31
Calefazione nona (to Wolfgang Fuchs) 03:38
Caleidoscopio # 2 (to Tom Raworth) 02:14
Calefazione decima 01:50
Calefazione undicesima 01:56
Caleidoscopio # 3 02:32
Calefazione dodicesima 04:43
Calefazione tredicesima 01:33
Calefazione quattordicesima 01:12
Calefazione quindicesima 05:26
Caleidoscopio # 4 (l´ultimo) 02:18
Total time:  65:31

Produced by Alberto Braida and Giancarlo Locatelli for Takla Records (Italy)
Recorded by Fabio Martini on August 29 & 30, 1998 @ the song´s room of Lodi´s Cathedral
Edited and mastered by Umberto Signifredi @ Studio Opera, Milano
Artwork and design by Enzo De Grandi
Photograph by Boboaugurimartinomarcello
Thanks to: F
abio Martini, Enzo De Grandi, Don Piero Panzetti, Franco Girardi, Elena Losi, Steve Piccolo

Die Takla Improvising Group ist ein Zusammenschluss von Musikern aus Mailand und Umgebung, die sich mit Takla Records ein eigenes Forum geschaffen hat. Mit DICIANNOVE CALEFAZIONI von Alberto Braida und Giancarlo Locatello legt das Label seine zweite CD vor. (…) Über dieser mönchisch-kammermusikalischen Goldmacherei schwebt der Hausgeist von Anton Webern und schwingt Occams Klinge.
Bad Alchemy 34
About this Duo
The Braida-Locatelli duo was formed in 1996 and focuses both on improvisation and its relationship with composition. In 1999, after about three years during which the duo worked on developing a process of ´subtraction´of musical materials, they issued a CD of completely improvised pieces entitled ´diciannove calefazioni´ (takla record 2).
In September 2000 the duo made a short tour in Germany (Berlin, Oberhausen, Cologne). Material recorded during these concerts will be released on a new CD in spring-summer 2001.
At present the duo, apart from further research and development of the concept of improvisation and ´instantaneous composition´, is working on a project on the compositions of Eric Dolphy.
Excerpt from the booklet:
(…) Many of the more traditionalist colleagues usually think that free improvisation is a sort of lark on the shores of an endless sea of timbres and frequencies, without any principle, order or foundation. How can we convince them that free improvisation means discipline, decisions, choices and a rigorous exercise of self-control? The problem, in fact, is quite similar to that of cooking; the result is not improved by adding more ingredients or increasing their doses, but by balancing what is available in an inspired way. And this music is a good example; the ´calefactions´ of Braida and Locatelli are the result of a precise musical choice, in which self-indulgence and concessions to ´good common musical sense´ are left behind in favour of a limited, in-depth research on certain essential musical values. Sounds, silences, ferocious rips that alternate with a calm pointillism, in a sort of extreme, very slow-motion counterpoint, are the characteristics that emerge from the first listenings of these ´Nineteen calefactions´ that flow, rapidly evaporating, as parts of a unified, incessant vision. But there´s more … discover it for yourselves.
Fabio Martini
Translation: Steve Piccolo

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