The Black Sea Project
Papazov / Senlendirici / Floridis / Alexandrov /
Stefanet / Umerov / Ismailov /
Tavitian / Gagnice / Temiz / Temiz
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Ivo Papazov (Bulgarien) clarinet
Ergün Senlendirici (Türkei)
Floros Floridis (Griechenland) soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Alexander Alexandrov (Russland)
Anatoly Stefanet (Moldau)
Nariman Umerov (Ukraine) accordeon
Enver Ismailov (Ukraine)
electric guitar
Hari Tavitian (Rumänien)
Zurab Gagnidze (Georgien)
electric bass
Okay Temiz (Türkei) drums, percussion
01. Horum Instabul Zurab Gagnidze
02. Paramashivam Smile Alexander Alexandrov
03. Tekez Zortlatmasi Okay Temiz
04. Folk Song Nariman Umerov
05. Moving Waggon Floros Floridis
Total time: 00:00
Produktion: General Publications Company, S.A. Production
Gesamtleitung: Floros Floridis
Live aufgenommen in Istanbul am 26. Oktober 1966 im Cemal Resit Rey Konser Salonu
Remastering: Studio 19, Athen
The album is dedicated to the memory of Ergün Senlendirici
First release: 1998
Euxenite Pondos, The Black Sea
»This big and spacious sea. Countless reptiles, animals big and small. Ships pass through there, this dragon which you have created is playing with her«
(Psalm of David).
Black-green waters gallop towards land, while winds push and spin them. And over them, the dragon plays and laughs, an artful sound which is chiselled by the musical organs of the sky. When the wave rises to its fullest to attack, you can see the emerald´s colour from its arch, while below, the cliff glistens with waters, girdled with snake-like seaweed… Pondos is a wide and deep sea. And this deep, wide, enclosed sea, which stirs her roaring waters at the borders of Asia and Europe, was inhospitable, at first, to the Aegean seamen. For when they managed to pass Bosporus, through the ox´s passage with great pains and sail in its waters, to moor in its rare natural harbours, to reach the fairytale lands of gold, silver and iron, they met people who, apart from the arts of fire and metal, knew other awesome arts as well, the art of poisoning, sorcery, witchcraft and the art of walking barefoot, on lit coal.
Then those who risked sailing out to the inhospitable sea became more and more numerous. (…) They mingled with the mysterious people on land and learned the artful sound and the musical instruments chiselling it. The sea became hospitable and she was called the Euxenite Pondos. (…)
E. Zachos
Short interview with Helen Kontos, Manager of BSP
Had this been a one-time project or was it continued?
It was initiated as a one-time project in 1996. But in 1998 Floros Floridis was some CDs producing for LYRA, and one of them was the BSP concert in Turkey. As Floros and I were collaborating in other projects, he played it for me and I loved it instantly. So we agreed with him and Okay that I would be their manager and try to get more performances.
They had a performance at the inauguration of the ´Black Sea and Development Bank´ in Thessaloniki in June 1999, which was our first attempt to bring the band back together. 8 of the 11 members came. The big concert, in front of the palace (the former royal residence in Thessaloniki by the sea) was cancelled due to an incredible summer storm, but afterwards they played with a very small sound system in the patio.
In February 2000 they played for 800 people at the Aula Magna in Lisbon, in May 2000 for 1000 people in a big hall in Ankara, and in November 2000 at ´Music Meeting´, a very renowned festival in Nijmegen, Holland.
This year, although there could have been some 3 or 4 gigs, finally none of them came through, due to the high travel cost of the group. But I am already working on two projects in 2002, one in Germany and one in Canada.
Who has initiated the project?
Initially OKay Temiz. The CD was Floros Floridis´ idea. THe management was my proposal to them, and they liked it.
Which implications resulted from the fact that the concert was staged in Turkey and the CD produced in Greece?
None whatsoever. The musicians are from 8 different countries, but musicians don't think in countries.
What happened to the Turkish trumpeter?
He died of a heart attack. I think he was in his thirties only. Now Ioury Perfenov plays the trumpet. He is wonderful, too.
Each musician brings with them one original composition and all together they orchestrate them. The music is influenced by the local tradition of the home region of each musician.

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