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The Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra
conducted by Aki Takase
and Alexander von Schlippenbach
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Henry Lowther trumpet
Thomas Heberer trumpet
Axel Dörner trumpet
Tilmann Dehnhard flute, piccolo flute, tenor sax
Darcy Hepner alto sax
Evan Parker soprano sax, tenor sax
Walter Gauchel tenor sax
Claas Willecke flute, baritone sax
Jörg Huke trombone
Marc Boukouya trombone
Sören Fischer trombone
Utz Zimmermann bass trombone
Alexander von Schlippenbach piano, conductor
Aki Takase piano, conductor
Nobuyushi Ino double bass
Paul Lovens percussion
Any piece, but A´s piece (1993) 10:28
Contrareflection (1989) 07:06
Rigaudon Nr. 2 aus der Wasserstoffmusik 12:03
Marcia di Saturno (1984) 12:54
The Morlocks (1993) 16:00
Jackhammer (1983) 10:32
Total time:  69:03

All compositions by Alexander von Schlippenbach
Recorded July 10 and 11, 1993 at RIAS Berlin, Studio 10
Recording team: Hans Martin, Ralph Seidler, Barbara Rüger
Produced by Alexander von Schlippenbach and Jost Gebers
Anno Dittmer
Liner notes: Alexander von Schlippenbach

First published in February 1994
Excerpt from the booklet:
Initially at the workshops with the BERLIN CONTEMPORARY JAZZ ORCHESTRA founded in 1988 with the artistic goal of "performing new works by contemporary jazz composers and making them ready for recording" - I usually worked with pieces by other musicians such as Misha Mengelberg, Kenny Wheeler, Carla Bley and Willem Breuker. My own work as a composer and arranger strongly benefited from the insight and experience gained.
This time - presumptuously, but with the encouraging support of friends and colleagues - I used the 1993 workshop to concentrate exclusively on my own pieces. Having made that decision then it seemed natural to integrate my trio of more than twenty years standing with Evan Parker and Paul Lovens into the band, thus benefiting from the rich material and the strong foundation we have built up over the years. The long-standing duo with Aki and Ino forms the ideal contrast in this constellation. The wind section was made up of old comrades-in-arms such as Henry Lowther, Thomas Heberer, Walter Gauchel and Utz Zimmermann who have been around more or less since the beginning, and also a group of younger musicians - most of them from Berlin - who joined us for the first time.
The six pieces selected for this production are from the period 1983-1993 and vary strongly in form, structure and content. (...)
Alexander von Schlippenbach
Translation: Margaret Neuendorf

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