Locatelli / Beltrametti
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Giancarlo Locatelli Bb clarinet (# 1, 5, 8, 9) bass clarinet (# 2,3 , 4, 6, 7, 10)
Roberta Invernizzi soprano
Tito Mangialajo Rantzer double bass
Filippo Monico drums & percussion
(except # 8)
Luca Santaniello violin (# 1, 4, 6, 9)
Riccardo Moratti violin (# 1, 4, 6, 9)
Kilian Balzer violoncello (# 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10)
Enrico Fazio double bass (# 1-6, 9, 10)
Tom Raworth voice (# 5, 8)
Wolfgang Fuchs contrabass clarinet, sopranino sax (# 3)
Il Grande Quarto d´Ora 05:51
L´Iperirreale 03:47
Import-Export 07:03
Filmato di Palo in Frasca 10:05
Haikai 10:34
La Strega Immediatezza 10:11
The Condor 06:11
Absence 07:17
Queste Righe 06:26
Wu Tao Tzu 05:02
Total time:  72:32

Words by Franco Beltrametti (except # 8 by Tom Raworth)
Poems are used with the permission of heirs or authors
All rights reserved Music by Giancarlo Locatelli (except # 3 by G. Locatelli/W. Fuchs and # 7 + 8 by Steve Lacy - SACEM)
Arrangements by Giancarlo Locatelli
Digital two-track recording by Werner Walter on September 29 & 30, 1996 @ Auditorium RSI, Lugano, Festival ´Musica e Litteratura´, OGGIMUSICA
Production: RSI-RETE 2, Paolo Keller
Editing and Mastering: Werner Walter, Lucienne Rosset, Umberto Signifredi @ Studio Opera
Coverart: Tom Raworth
Graphics: Enzo De Grandi
Photos: Antonio Ria, Claudio Tap Tettamanti Coproduced by RSI-Rete 2, OGGIMUSICA and C.M.C. (Centro Musica Creativa)
Artwork and graphic by Enzo De Grandi
Produced by TAKLA MAKAN and C.M.C. (Centro Musica Creativa), Torino © 6, 1998

1. Il Grande Quarto d´Ora
“Un sentiero per soli uccelli”: la precisione
del vecchio Tu Fu colpisce
a distanza. Ecco il sole che spunta
il cortile che s´illumina.
Montagne a est/montagne a ovest.
(Mi ero dato un quarto d´ora: è scaduto.)
A trail only for birds”: the precision
of old Tu Fu strikes
at distance. Here comes the rising sun
the courtyard lights up.
Mountains to the east/mountains to the west.
(I gave myself a quarter of an hour: it´s past.)
2 L´Iperirreale
che non
pensa al
pensiero che
non pensa al
non è
un pensiero
che pensa
non pensi?
that doesn´t
think of the
thought that
doesn´t think
of not is
a thoughtful thought
don´t you think?
3. Import - Export
questa cosa
che mi vive
viva in me
che io
in lei
I live
This thing
That lives me
As much
Alive in me
As I
In it.
10. Wu Tao Tzu
Wu Tao Tzu scomparve
Nel paesaggio da lui
Dipinto) (certe armi
Dell´arte sono
Wu Tao Tzu vanished
Into the landscape
He painted) (some
Of art´s weapons
Are secret.
The Italian band led by clarinettist Locatelli performs what could be termed a Jazz opera. Using a trio as the basic improvising arm, the strong soprano voice of Invernizzi singing the secular dialogue written by Beltrametti, and a string contingent as the underpinning, Locatelli explores a very deep area of music. Locatelli alternates between Bb clarinet and bass clarinet, developing a heavy atmosphere of exploratory sound that provides the ominous tone for the performance. He sculpts unusual sound patterns with his reeds and interjects caustic statements with regularity to spur the action. (…) Locatelli pays a debt to Steve Lacy on this recording by including ´The Condor´ and ´Absence´. (…) On ´Import-Export´ the core group expands to a quartet with the introduction of sopranino and bass clarinet player Fuchs, who provides the delicate edge for a dual-reed sparring segment. Another variation includes recitation in English from Raworth on two selections, but the format for the album mainly evolves around the Locatelli trio and Invernizzi´s voice. (…)
It is a gem of improvised and composed interplay presented with serious overtones. This original music is performed with originality by a fine group of musicians.
Frank Rubolino, in: Cadence Magazine, March 2000

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