Falascone / Locatelli / Phillips / Monico
Guest Artists: Artuso / Phillips / Spera
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Bestell-Nr. / Purchase Order No. : C.M.C. 9970-2
Massimo Falascone alto, baritone & sopranino saxes
Giancarlo Locatelli Bb, bass, alto & piccolo clarinets
Filippo Monico drums
Guest Artists:  
Simonetta Artuso (# 2) voice
Barre Phillips (# 3, 4, 5, 6) double bass
Fabrizio Spera (# 7) drums, amplified objects
Sven Hedin 05:53
Ants 04:47
Shamo 09:15
Carovana lunatica 02:26
Buran 08:36
Djinn 02:11
Lop Nor 16.06
Cammina cammina 18:43
Total time:  67:57

All tracks by Massimo Falascone & Giancarlo Locatelli
All rights reserved
# 1 - 6 recorded and mixed on May 1994 and February 1995 @  
MU REC studio/Milan by Paolo Falascone
# 7 - 8 recorded and mixed on May 1996 at Filippo Monico´s basement/Milan by Fabio Martini
Artwork and graphic by Enzo De Grandi
Produced by TAKLA MAKAN and C.M.C. (Centro Musica Creativa), Torino

Excerpt from the booklet:
(…) This collection of recordings testifies the constant progression of Massimo Falascone, Giancarlo Locatelli and Filippo Monico along the course of research and experimentation. The three players and producers of this work belong to what we might define the second generation of Italian improvisers. Although still relating to the jazz experience, this generation seems more inclined to develop new forms of research when compared with their ´forefathers´, who were tempted by the experience of free improvisation only to a limited extent but kept hovering dangerously between their ´profession´ and their too occasional ´experimentation´. The basis for this exclusively improvising group were laid in 1993. (…) This genre of music, as well as research music and other forms of art, forces the listener to make a choice: this music offers and reveals itself only if it is longed for, if one is ready to put into question one´s own ´acoustic standing rules´, so as to enter the territory of music where ´music possibilities´ blend with ´human possibilities´ with major cohesiveness, in a boundless set of aesthetic varieties and expressive combinations. (…)
We can see how TAKLA MAKAN has switched from the initial light and airy recordings with Artuso to the thicker and more clotted episodes recorded with Phillips to get to the final stage characterized by a more solid and rhythmically vibrating language which can be found in the recordings with Spera. (…)
Fabio Martini
Translation: Anna Coffetti
Takla Makan is a desert in Northwest China, which is purported to be bleak and uninhabited as the landscape comprises little else than sand dunes. Perhaps a metaphor for these improvisational specialists emanating from Italy… Here, the trio of Massimo Falascone, Filippo Monico and Giancarlo Locatelli explore vast regions of sounds via deeply conversational dialogue as the wide open terrain of the desert parallels the boundless musical routes, generated by these master improvisers. This recording reflects pieces performed with guest musicians throughout 1994,1995 and 1996. (…) They maintain a sturdy sense of tonal color albeit of the abstract variety. TAKLA MAKAN is a prime example of the major strides taken by the abundant talent originating from Italy. These folks are among the best and effectively illustrate the limitless capabilities of the serious improvising musician. Highly recommended for the modern jazz or free improv enthusiast!
Glenn Astarita, in: All About Jazz (see links)
(…) Falascone, Locatelli and Monico are establishing themselves, along with Fabio Martini, as big-hitters on the Italian free jazz scene outside the gravitational fields of the Sub Ensemble and the Instabile Orchestra. (…)
Richard Cochrane, in: Musings (see www.geocities.com)
(…) A finely detailed, well-balanced set of excursions by a group of players we´ll surely be hearing more from.
Dennis Rea, in: The Improvisor (see: www.the-improvisor.com)

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