Xu , Fengxia
guzheng, sanxian, guqin, voice
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Xu Fengxia

born 1963 in Shanghai. Began to study Chinese string instruments in the age of 7. Graduated from the famous Shanghai music conservatory. Xu Fengxia plays the instruments guzheng, sanxian, the 7 stringed guqin and the Chinese small lute called liuqin. After 1986 soloist at the Shanghai Orchestra for Chinese Music. Tours Germany in 1988 with this orchestra. At the same time active in Shanghai`s first lady rockband. 1990 first concert with jazzmusicians at the People´s Theatre in Shanghai. Moved to Germany in 1991.
Since 1992 member of the Gufeng Ensemble, a group of four Chinese top musicians living in Germany, performing amongst others at Athens International Music Festival, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra.
From 1991 to 1996 leader of Shanghai Connection, which worked in various combinations from trio to septet. Shanghai Connection performed new compositions combining traditional Chinese music with Jazz and contemporary sounds.
1995 first collaboration with bass player Peter Kowald from Wuppertal in his band Global Village. With Kowald on the stages of many festivals such as Total Music Meeting, Taktlos Festival, Canaille Frankfurt, Visions Festival New York, Poschiavo
Festival Switzerland, Pushkin Festival Moscow.
Since 1997 soloist in the works of many contemporary Chinese Composers like Xu Shuya, Qu Xiaosong, Chen Xiao-yong, Zhou Long with Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam, Ensemble Recherche, Bremen Chamber Philharmony and the Bavaria Radio Symphony Orchestra. Travelled with the Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam to Lisbon, Paris, Munich, Huddersfield, Amsterdam, Brussels and many other places. Release of her solo-CD Difference and similarity (FMP-CD-096) in 1998.
Since 2002 collaboration with Wolfgang Fuchs and Roger Turner; member and co-founder of THE NEW FLAGS.

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