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Born June 15, 1938 in Sheffield. Developing as musician in Sheffield (1953 - 57). Member of the ´Black Watch Military Band´; Tour of America, Canada, Cyprus, Edinburgh Festival (1958 - 60).

1960 - 64
Worked with own quintet in Sheffield, playing Jazz which had developed from American tour.

1964 - 67
Collaborated with Derek Bailey (now regarded as most original guitar player in Europe); Gavin Bryars (composer who since has studied in America with John Cage); together they pursued the development of early European vocabulary in Jazz music.

Moved to London to work in Ronnie Scott´s club.

Won Melody Maker Poll (percussion section); started quintet of his own; continued in Ronnie Scott´s club.

Recording for CBS (´Four Compositions for Sextet´); won International Award for Percussion @ Montreux; won Melody Maker Poll for percussion; continued in Ronnie Scott´s club; working with major voices in Jazz (Sonny Rollins, Bill Evans, Stan Getz, Charlie Mariano). Developed first amplified percussion kit for European music. Records BASF.

Won Melody Maker Poll for percussion; continued working with own sextet and introduced amplified percussion into European improvised music. Made sextet recording for RCA (´Ichnos´). Started Musicians Co-operative (Movement for Improvised Music in London) with Barry Guy, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker; started ´Incus´ record label for minority music with Derek Bailey, Evan Parker and Mike Walters. Joined ´London Jazz Composers´ Orchestra´. First concerts with Musicians Co-operative at Ronnie Scott´s club. Recordings for BASF; joined Howard Riley Trio.

Commission from Arts Council of Great Britain for ´Jazz Composers Orchestra´. Continued concerts in London for Musicians Co-operative; further recordings for ´Incus´. Recordings for BBC (´Jazz in Britain´). Tour of Germany with own sextet and London Jazz Composers Orchestra. Concerts at Donaueschingen´s New Music Festival, Jazzfestival Berlin, Radio Bremen, Braunschweig. Recordings for NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk), SWF (Südwestfunk), SFB TV; Records for BASF/MPS.

Organising tutor at Barry Summer School, course of Jazz and Improvised music. Recordings for BBC (´Jazz in Britain´, ´Music in our Time´); Record for ENJA (Germany). Commission from the Arts Council of Great Britain; recording in Italy (Georgio Gaslini). First meeting with painter and musician Alan Davie; first concerts Gimpel Fils, Tate Gallery, Maison de Culture, Pro Michel Portal. Concert LJCO (London Jazz Composers´ Orchestra), first performance of Krzysztof Penderecki´s and B. Rands´ compositions for Jazz Orchestra.

Concerts with Alan Davie (Harlow College, St. Martin´s Art College, Hitchin College, Gimpel Hanover Gallery/Zurich). Recordings for Radio Zurich. Continued as organiser of Barry Summer School (Jazz and Improvised Music Course). Concerts with LJCO, Howard Riley Trio. Comission for own sextet and concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall by Park Lane Group. Tour of England with sextet. Recordings for BBC (Contemporary Music Network). Group and Solo performances, Base Basie, Switzerland producer, George Gruntz. Worked on music for Hermann Hesse´s ´Steppenwolf´, film producer George Gruntz, TV programme ´Open Door´. Further development of amplified percussion. Concert ´New Music in Europe´, Commonwealth Institute, London. Formed new group, ´The Angular Apron´. Visit to Sydney, Australia, for radio concerts and workshops @ Sydney Conservatory of Music.

Continued with group ´The Angular Apron´. Recordings for BBC and new record. Concerts in Europe.

1976 - 77
Invited to Sydney Conservatory of Music, Australia as composer-in-residence. Formed new group with Phil Wachsmann and Alan Davie. New duo record (ADMW 005) for Alan Davie Records. Preparing new record ´February Papers´ for ´Incus´. Further development with violin and electronics. Continued organising tutor for Jazz and Improvised Music School.

1978 - 82
Working in West Germany and Europe with group ´SOH`, also with ´Tony Oxley Quintet´(Phil Wachsmann, Howard Riley, Larry Stabbins, Hugh Metcalfe). Recordings, Festival participation, Broadcasts and TV. Spent a large part of this time touring GDR, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. Organising workshops with Uli Gumpert, Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Conny Bauer, Dietmar Diesner. Record for FMP with Uli Gumpert, Radu Malfatti ( ´Ach Was?´). Many festivals and radio recordings, including festivals in Leipzig, Peitz, Debrecen, Miscols, Budapest, Warsaw, Pisa, Milano, Bologna, Amsterdam, Berlin. Open Music Workshop Vienna including Misha Mengelberg, Tristan Honsinger, Radu Malfatti. Continued organising tutor for Jazz and Improvised Music School. Concerts and recordings with LJCO.

WDR Köln Recording with ´Celebration Orchestra´

´Celebration Orchestra´ concerting @ Jazz Festival Berlin, Philharmonie

Bielefeld-Project with ´Glasgow Skye Pipers and Drums and ´Celebration Orchestra´; recording WDR radio. This was the first improvised and structured composition recorded demonstrating the Pipers and Drums on a 20th century platform.

Mönchengladbach ´Assemblia ´87´(´Celebration Orchestra´)

Byron Festival Nottingham (UK), ´Celebration Orchestra´ and ´Glasgow Skye Pipers and Drums´ and Dmitri Levka´s Greek Ensemble (Project commissioned by Nottingham City with the medieval language of the Scotts and Greek put on a 20th century platform commissioned for the 200 anniversary of Lord Byron.

Touring with Cecil Taylor (duo/trio): West Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, UK, US (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fort Worth, New York). November ´89 tour starting in Berlin.

WDR Recording with ´Celebration Orchestra´ (recorded tapes of the Ruhr Valley steel complex with the Celebration Orchestra + piece for Orchestra and organ).
Tour with Anthony Braxton Trio. Tour with H. Vitous, J. Lovano, E. Rava.

Touring with Cecil Taylor, Stuttgart TV, Zurich, London (Ronnie Scott´s club). Festivals: Pori, North Sea, Nickelsdorf.
Recording (FMP-CD-025, 031) C.T. Orchestra (FMP-CD-008/9, 104); Zurich recording (Günter Hampel)

Knitting Factory Video, C.T. Octet (New York) ; C.T. Quintet (Hamburg Festival, NDR-TV); WDR Recording (´celebration Orchestra´ with three prepared pianos).

WDR Recording Wuppertal + ´Incus´ CD ´Tony Oxley Quartet´ (Derek Bailey, Pat Thomas Matt Wand)

Bill Dixon Quartet, Recording on ´Soul Note´, Milano (Italy) CD ´Vade Mecum´

´Celebration Orchestra´ feat. Bill Dixon @ Jazz Festival Berlin
Bill Dixon Quartet in Lyon (France)

Tony Oxley´s 60th Birthday Concert was broadcasted and recorded by the WDR Köln, feat. ´Josef Holbrock Trio´ (Derek Bailey, Gavin Bryars, Tony Oxley), Tony Oxley Sextet feat. Bill Dixon, Tony Oxley Quartet + text by Dietmar Mues, ´Celebration Orchestra´ (´The Medicine Man´, comp. by Tony Oxley)

Tony Oxley´s B.I.M.P. Quartet (Phil Wachsmann, Pat Thomas, Matt Wand) @ TOTAL MUSIC MEETING Berlin, the recording of which appeared on a / l / l , a division of FMP FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION Distribution & Communication

Like Bill Dixon he also works as painter. His paintings have been displayed in Bejing, having performed with Trio Cercle @ Bejing Jazz Festival in October 1996, as well as during the TOTAL MUSIC MEETING 2001 in Berlin (´Visual Sounds´) (along with exhibits by Bill Dixon, Carlos Zingaro, Peter Kowald, Uli Gumpert, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Paul Lytton, Sven-Ake Johansson, Floros Floridis, Hans Reichel). Some of his gouaches served as cover art for various of his CD´s.


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