Koch, Klaus ()
double bass
Order No.:  SYN-01
Tribute to 
Klaus Koch
(b. Sept. 2, 1936 Leipzig; d Nov. 7, 2000 Berlin)
  When Tony Oxley informed me of Klaus Koch's passing, I was both deeply shocked and saddened. I met Klaus in 1988 in Vienna and found him to be a superlative player. I speak no German and I don't believe he spoke English, yet despite this, in the realization of my work, his intellectual and musical capacities enabled him to reveal subtleties and the inner romance of music, as engaged in by the players, to emerge as though fully grown.
I loved his tone and his fidelity to both the overtly stated and not so stated ideas with which we dealt.
My recording with him, completely unrehearsed, while a testimony to the musicianship and generosity of all the players, is especially so because of Klaus Koch. As a gentleman and musician of the first rank, he will be missed.

Bill Dixon


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