Fuchs, Wolfgang
sopranino sax, bass cl, contrabass cl, voice, toys
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C.M.C. 9980-2
BPA 003
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Wolfgang Fuchs

born 1949 in Landau/Palatine. Studied at the Music Academy of Karlsruhe (tenor saxophone, b flat clarinet). Moved to Berlin in 1974. Since 1976 freelance-musician. 1981 First tour to the GDR. Tours with Improvised music to experimental films by Hans Richter, Vikking Eggeling and others with Sven-Ċke Johansson and Alex von Schlippenbach (1981). Founder and leader of the improvising King Übü Örchestrü (1983). Collaboration with Fred Van Hove, Paul Lytton, Hans Schneider, Georg Katzer, Cecil Taylor, Tony Oxley, Barry Guy, Hans Koch, Peter van Bergen, Phil Minton, Phil Wachsmann, Alex von Schlippenbach, Sven-Ċke Johansson, Günter Christmann, John Russell, Fernando Grillo, Maria Husmann, Evan Parker, etc. Organized a series of duo-concerts in Berlin supported by Galerie Ermer, DAAD and the German Music Council (1995). Initiated in 1998 ´The Berlin Factory´, a musical meeting point for young Berlin based improvisers; concerts for Klangwerkstatt Berlin. Initiated Total Music Meeting compact (No budget festival) in 2000; artistic director of Total Music Meeting 2001 and 2002 in collaboration with the TMM-Commitee. Leader of workshops in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, USA. Performances with film, dance, acrobats, and poetry. Working currently as soloist and in Lingua (with Thomas Lehn, Fabrizio Spera), Three October Meetings (Damon Smith, Jerome Bryerton), Contrabassclarinet-Project (with Françoise Kubler, Armand Angster, Paul Lovens), in King Übü Örchestrü, and in THE NEW FLAGS (with Xu Fengxia and Roger Turner). Has received several grants in the past. Extensive discography (LP´s and CD´s).


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